Microsoft (Azure) APIs

Wanted to share a finer thought of getting your head around all the wonderful, and some times frighteningly complicated Microsoft APIs. Its not so bad~

Recently I did a user group talk on this topic, and was shocked by the number of hands that were raised when I asked how many developers were in the room. An Azure user group, and almost every single person raised their hand. So I pushed them… how many have written their own API? Again, almost all hands were in the air. By the end though, one of them said – this is too much info! This is a quick break down of what I hoped they obtained out of the talk. In short… read the manual.

  1. That in the case of APIs, good documentation will make your day. Microsoft does an amazing job of documenting. Let that sink in. Yes. Yep. OK, go check it out Microsoft Docs.
  2. I wasn’t all surprised that with this many developers at an Azure user group that a lot of .Net(core)/C# developers were in attendance. If a particular language is what you know… go read the manual again on the docs page. The point being that Microsoft does amazing work documenting the REST API Reference for many languages, and supports many different client libraries. Such as:
  • .NET
  • Java
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Azure CLI


In the end, it is all the same basic components/concepts no matter the language you develop in. Build and make a URI call with an action to an API endpoint, and include with it a header and some body data for the thing you are trying to do. For the third time (and done) go read the manual on your API. It will tell you everything you need to know.

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